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Do You Feel Out of Balance or Disempowered as A Woman?

Are you constantly on the run and don’t have time for yourself? Are you battling a long-term illness that is keeping you from connecting to your work and/or your relationships? Perhaps you’re the child of immigrant parents and feel torn between being loyal to your culture of origin and adapting to a new lifestyle. Are you conflicted about whether or not to have children? Perhaps you want a child, but are concerned about how it will affect your career and quality of life. Maybe you are having trouble getting pregnant, and your fertility treatments have taken a toll on your mind, heart and body. Or, perhaps you have just had a baby and find yourself struggling to cope with post-partum stress and anxiety. Maybe you have recently realized that you never explored your sexuality, and you’re feeling nervous or confused about defining your identity. Do you often feel overwhelmed, frustrated and exhausted? Do you wish you could just balance your emotions, make confident decisions and feel in control?

Being a professional woman can present unique and difficult challenges. Balancing work and family, as well as your personal happiness, might sometimes feel impossible. You may go to work every day and feel guilty about not being at home with your kids. Or at the office, you may find yourself having to cope with sexist and misogynist comments from male coworkers who receive higher salaries for the same work. Perhaps you have been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition that causes severe discomfort, and you worry about how your condition will affect your career, family and relationships. Or, maybe you and your partner have been experiencing discord in your relationship because of time, intimacy, communication or responsibility issues. Regardless of specifics, you may just feel ungrounded, stressed out and a little lost. 

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Many Women Struggle To Balance Their Hectic Lives.

Women face unique challenges not only because of their bodies, but also because of unrealistic cultural expectations and societal oppression. Issues that are unique to women, such as post-partum stress and depression, self-image and body issues, pregnancy, work-place discrimination and female medical conditions can cause overwhelming stress that can lead to prolonged worry and dread. These challenges may cause you to believe that something is wrong with you, which can create a cycle of negativity that is difficult to escape. It’s very common for high functioning women to experience heavy feelings of depression and anxiety. It’s also common for women to have trouble maintaining their quality of life and attending to relationships and personal needs. The good news is that you can create peace and balance in your life. No matter what you’re experiencing, counseling for women can help you manage worry, regain self-esteem and experience harmony.  

Counseling For Women Can Help You Feel Balanced and Empowered.

Counseling for women can be very effective in helping you manage and process anxiety, depression, guilt and fear. Therapy provides you with a safe space to express anything and everything that is causing you stress and uncertainty. Often, simply sharing your experience can empower you to open up and navigate your struggles.

Through sessions with me, you will learn how to replace your shame with the ability to feel open and comfortable with your genuine emotions. You can learn how emotions influence your behavior, and I will provide you with the tools you need to cope when you’re overwhelmed. I can also help you recognize problematic situations and provide you with simple, yet effective, techniques to manage your stress. We can practice mindfulness techniques, which can help you identify upsetting triggers and stay grounded and responsive, rather than reactionary, in the present moment. I’m certified in maternal mental health and a member of Postpartum Support International, and I've been helping women since the inception of my practice. I maintain a warm and empathetic space for us to work collaboratively through a therapy plan that is individualized to address your specific needs.

You can feel balanced and empowered in your life. No matter what you’re going through, with the right approach and the guidance of a caring therapist, change and growth are possible.

Although You May See the Benefits of Women’s Counseling, You May Still Have Some Questions and Concerns.

I’m worried that going to therapy means that I’m weak.

Every woman is entitled to her unique experiences and feelings, and those do not make you weak. I provide a safe, non-judgmental space to openly explore and navigate difficult emotions. My practice is designed to honor your experience and promote female empowerment, all while providing you with the tools you need to manage anxiety and depression. Shame is a feeling that thrives on insecurity and isolation. It can be a major obstacle in your journey to finding strength and harmony because shame only further aggravates the problem. To work through your pain and struggles, you need to open up to what you’re going through. Ultimately, you know what you need in order to feel balanced and at peace. If you’re struggling right now, there’s no shame in seeking help.

So many women are forced to balance the stress related to family, career and health matters.  Do I really need therapy?

The world can be a challenging place, and everyone has to learn how to navigate negativity. And, just because someone else’s experience is similar or worse than yours, doesn’t mean your problems don’t matter. Heavy emotions of stress, panic and sadness shouldn’t be second nature or just a normal part of women’s mental health. You deserve to be happy, and therapy can help you recognize your pain and learn how to manage it. Why continue to struggle?

With my busy schedule, I’m worried that I don’t have time for therapy.

I know that life can be hectic, and there’s only so much time in the day. But, the fact that you don’t have any time to spare may say something about the state of your wellbeing. You need time for yourself, time to process your anxiety and time to spend with your loved ones. And, learning and practicing stress management skills can help you feel like you have more time overall. My schedule is flexible to your availability. Please don’t let time stand in the way of your wellbeing

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  • I've had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Skoufalos for nearly a decade--she is not only an incredibly empathic and attuned psychologist, she's also one of the most kind and warm-hearted humans I've ever met. I say 'human' because that's what you can expect from Dr. Skoufalos in her clinical care--a human and humane approach to helping clients explore their deepest pains and greatest aspirations. To the clinical encounter, she brings a diverse background, a perceptive eye, mind-body awareness, and rigorous training in multiple therapeutic modalities-- all of which inform, but do not replace or obscure, her deep attentiveness to the unique person sitting in front of her. Her knowledge of many languages is perhaps the perfect metaphor for her psychotherapeutic practice--a practice that is able to speak the languages od mind, body, and soul
    — Miraj Desai, Ph.D.
  • I never hesitate to make a referral to Dr. Skoufalos. We have been colleagues for over 10 years and her compassion and intelligence set an example of the standard of care that all in the mental health profession should be aspiring to. I'm proud to be associated with Dr. Skoufalos and would refer my closest family and friends to her
    — Carrie Christensen, LCSW
  • Dr. Nicoletta Skoufalos is one of the best psychologists I've worked with. Her work is superb. Nicoletta is empathetic, knowledgeable, encouraging, and has an amazing way of making her clients feel safe, and taken care of. Her manner is both nurturing and firm -- both vital components for you as a patient to get the most out of therapy
    — Marjorie Nolan Cohn, MS, RDN
  • As a colleague of Dr. Skoufalos and clinical psychologist who has worked in several clinical settings, it is with confidence I an attest to Dr. Skoufalos skill as a therapist and ability to connect with others. She has a passion for helping people heal. Regardless of the challenges you face, she will support your path to managing your difficulties and moving toward a healthier self.
    — Isaiah Pickens, Ph.D.
  • I have known Dr. Skoufalos for nearly 11 years. In the course of that time, she has guided me through difficult moments. Dr. Skoufalos has an uncanny ability to ask the right question that always unveils the underlying issue that causes so much anxiety. Once the issue is revealed, she listens very carefully and then slowly, she brings focus to my feeling and asks me to lean into them and not ignore them. She treads carefully and with compassion never imposing judgment, but always giving true words of wisdom that help guide me through the moment to a place of acceptance and calmness reminding me that I am in control and that the only thing I have to do in breathe. Dr. Skoufalos is an amazing therapist that will help you feel calm and empowered. Highly recommended!
    — Sofia L.
  • Nicoletta is a fantastic colleague and psychotherapist. Working with her is always productive. I often refer patients to her because I know they will be in good hands
    — Molly Swersky, LCSW
  • Dr. Nicoletta Skoufalos is a highly skilled clinician, and I am proud to have her as a colleague in the field. She is genuinely invested in her clients, as she provides a warm, compassionate space that facilitates change. I often refer clients to her without hesitation, as I am confident they will be in good hands. Her natural empathic demeanor, strong clinical skills, and professionalism make her a wonderful psychologist
    — Cristina Dorazio, Ph.D.

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