About My Practice

My Office

My sunny, warm, cozy, and inviting office is centrally located in Midtown West, minutes from Columbus Circle and the Time Warner Center. It is a quick walk from the 1, A, C, B, D, N, R and Q trains, and easy to commute to and from Penn Station and Port Authority. There is a quiet waiting room and the office itself has a spectacular view down Broadway.

The Process of Scheduling an Initial Appointment

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, I recommend scheduling a phone consultation first. You may do so by using my online calendar on this website or you may email me directly. The phone consultation is free and will last for approximately 10-15 minutes. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have about me or my practice, and it allows me to get a brief sense of what you would like to work on in therapy. During the phone consultation, I will also assess whether or not it seems like I am a good fit for you as a psychologist, or whether or not you may be better served by someone else. We will also discuss practical matters, such as scheduling and fees. 

The Initial Consultation

The first appointment is a consultation that will last between 45-60 minutes. The consultation is an opportunity to get to know who you are, and to learn about your history and the history of whatever is bringing you in for the appointment. By the end of the consultation we will discuss what the next appropriate course of action is, whether or not it seems like I am the right therapist for you, and address any questions that may have arisen during the consultation. For additional information on the initial appointment please visit the FAQ page. 

Payment Process

Payment is due at the time of each session and can be paid by credit card, cash, or check. What my current fee is can be discussed during the free phone consultation.

I am not an in-network insurance provider; however, I work with many clients who have out-of-network benefits as part of their insurance plan. For clients who choose to use their out-of-network benefits, I provide invoices that contain all of the information they will need to submit their claim to their insurance company for reimbursement. Each insurance plan reimburses differently, so it is a good idea to call and ask your insurance company what they reimburse for out-of-network outpatient psychotherapy.



  • I've had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Skoufalos for nearly a decade--she is not only an incredibly empathic and attuned psychologist, she's also one of the most kind and warm-hearted humans I've ever met. I say 'human' because that's what you can expect from Dr. Skoufalos in her clinical care--a human and humane approach to helping clients explore their deepest pains and greatest aspirations. To the clinical encounter, she brings a diverse background, a perceptive eye, mind-body awareness, and rigorous training in multiple therapeutic modalities-- all of which inform, but do not replace or obscure, her deep attentiveness to the unique person sitting in front of her. Her knowledge of many languages is perhaps the perfect metaphor for her psychotherapeutic practice--a practice that is able to speak the languages od mind, body, and soul
    — Miraj Desai, Ph.D.
  • I never hesitate to make a referral to Dr. Skoufalos. We have been colleagues for over 10 years and her compassion and intelligence set an example of the standard of care that all in the mental health profession should be aspiring to. I'm proud to be associated with Dr. Skoufalos and would refer my closest family and friends to her
    — Carrie Christensen, LCSW
  • Dr. Nicoletta Skoufalos is one of the best psychologists I've worked with. Her work is superb. Nicoletta is empathetic, knowledgeable, encouraging, and has an amazing way of making her clients feel safe, and taken care of. Her manner is both nurturing and firm -- both vital components for you as a patient to get the most out of therapy
    — Marjorie Nolan Cohn, MS, RDN
  • As a colleague of Dr. Skoufalos and clinical psychologist who has worked in several clinical settings, it is with confidence I an attest to Dr. Skoufalos skill as a therapist and ability to connect with others. She has a passion for helping people heal. Regardless of the challenges you face, she will support your path to managing your difficulties and moving toward a healthier self.
    — Isaiah Pickens, Ph.D.
  • I have known Dr. Skoufalos for nearly 11 years. In the course of that time, she has guided me through difficult moments. Dr. Skoufalos has an uncanny ability to ask the right question that always unveils the underlying issue that causes so much anxiety. Once the issue is revealed, she listens very carefully and then slowly, she brings focus to my feeling and asks me to lean into them and not ignore them. She treads carefully and with compassion never imposing judgment, but always giving true words of wisdom that help guide me through the moment to a place of acceptance and calmness reminding me that I am in control and that the only thing I have to do in breathe. Dr. Skoufalos is an amazing therapist that will help you feel calm and empowered. Highly recommended!
    — Sofia L.
  • Nicoletta is a fantastic colleague and psychotherapist. Working with her is always productive. I often refer patients to her because I know they will be in good hands
    — Molly Swersky, LCSW
  • Dr. Nicoletta Skoufalos is a highly skilled clinician, and I am proud to have her as a colleague in the field. She is genuinely invested in her clients, as she provides a warm, compassionate space that facilitates change. I often refer clients to her without hesitation, as I am confident they will be in good hands. Her natural empathic demeanor, strong clinical skills, and professionalism make her a wonderful psychologist
    — Cristina Dorazio, Ph.D.