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Could Healthcare Consulting Improve Morale Amongst Your Workforce, Organization Or Patients?

Does your workforce seem overstressed, both from the demands of their jobs and the emotional toll of vicarious trauma or loss?

  • Would you like to improve the doctor-patient relationship by learning how to compassionately deliver unpleasant news and support your patients’ needs?
  • Perhaps your patient populations are struggling with stress related to receiving a diagnosis, undergoing surgery or another procedure—or following through on a complicated treatment regimen. Would you like to provide them with healthy ways to manage stress?
  • Do your patients struggle with treatment adherence, feeling understood or maintaining a positive outlook on life?
  • Do you wish that both your healthcare workers and their patients were better equipped to let go of stress and trauma and experience more calm and balance in their lives?

Stress in Healthcare Professionals Is Very Common

If members of your organization are struggling with stress management or burnout, they are certainly not alone.

According to the Medscape National Physician Burnout and Depression Report of 2018, 42 percent of healthcare professionals reported burnout, 12 percent stated they were depressed and three percent met the criteria for clinical depression. Doctors reported that the biggest contributor to their distress was their job.

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This report suggests that caregiver burnout is a huge problem. This is due largely in part to the vast responsibility involved in being an effective and compassionate caregiver. In addition to demanding patient loads, physicians also have to endure the bureaucratic strains of lengthy and complicated paperwork. With all of the competing tasks that come with the job, healthcare workers are often left feeling emotionally and physically drained. As a result, the doctor-patient relationship may be compromised, as well as the physician’s personal well-being.

Patients themselves are also under tremendous amounts of stress. Adjusting to a diagnosis, preparing for upcoming procedures or surgeries or managing a complex treatment regimen can be a lot for someone to handle alone. Many patients feel traumatized by a diagnosis and experience severe stress symptoms. Without the tools to deal with these types of stressors, many patients begin to feel hopeless, which can hinder the recovery process and add further stressors to the caregiver’s work environment.

The good news is that healthcare management consulting workshops can train doctors on how to reduce the stress that comes with the responsibilities of their high demand jobs, including the witnessing of trauma and loss. They can use these techniques themselves as well as teach their patients how to reduce stress.

Healthcare Consulting Can Provide Your Team With Tools To Relieve Stress And Prevent Burnout

The skills I teach in my workshops are extremely effective at relieving stress, especially when they are practiced on a regular basis.

I teach research-based practices that are proven to benefit mental health. I can also help your team identify ways to improve the doctor patient relationship. With these tools, your workforce can feel emotionally satisfied and confident about their interactions with patients.

Currently, the different workshops I offer include:

  • Stress Reduction and Mindfulness for Coping with Trauma and Loss for Doctors and Healthcare Workers
  • Stress Reduction and Mindfulness for Helping Patients Relax and Soothe
  • Work Life Balance for Optimizing Health and Wellbeing
  • Understanding and Increasing Patient Adherence

These workshops are designed to help your workforce understand the factors that are weakening their ability to handle difficult emotions. With these insights, we can develop and practice new ways to manage and relieve distress.


In a confidential and non-judgmental space, I’ll help your team as you collaborate to arrive at solutions that are uniquely tailored to fit your needs. Although each workshop is unique, some of the basic exercises we cover here may include challenging unhelpful thoughts and replacing them with more positive prospects. We may also practice stress reduction techniques such as deep breathing, mindfulness for health and meditation that your workforce can implement with themselves and teach their patients.

Although working in the healthcare industry can be demanding, it can also be profoundly rewarding. When you’re able reduce stress and improve focus, you’ll become increasingly empowered to do your best work, which means better serving your patients.

When your patients feel heard and understood, they interpret that as validation and support. The techniques you learn here can ward off feelings of hopelessness and create a strong foundation that allows you, your workforce and your patients to live happier and healthier lives on a day-to-day basis.

I’ve been working with healthcare professionals as well as patients with chronic illnesses since the inception of my practice. I am aware of the many emotional and physical challenges that come with being both a healthcare professional and a patient. Healthcare strategy consulting can enhance your team’s effectiveness and help your caregivers support patients with genuine compassion and concern.

You may still have questions or concerns about healthcare consulting…

How can a workshop help me learn to manage my stress when the stressors are constant?

My workshops are designed to identify current stressors and find ways of eliminating any stressors that we can. Although you may work in an extremely stressful environment, the stress doesn’t have to be unmanageable.

Your ability to feel emotionally balanced is directly related to your ability to cope with stress.  The techniques I provide here can prevent burnout, improve your work-life balance, and enhance your overall well-being. Stress management for healthcare workers is completely possible.

I don’t want to feel vulnerable or weak in front of my colleagues.

I strive to provide a safe, nonjudgmental space for you to learn how to relieve stress and address your concerns. That being said, during the workshop, I’ll never pressure you to share anything you’re not comfortable with.  These workshops are designed to empower you, not diminish you. So, don’t be surprised if you feel differently over the course of the workshop. Oftentimes, simply expressing distress can go a long way in allowing you to let it go.

There’s no time for us to host a workshop.

Because caregiver burnout is so common, making time for this workshop could paramount in improving productivity in your organization. If your workers are constantly responsible for the well-being of others, it’s likely that they are neglecting their own self-care, and that mentality is not sustainable.

Stress can negatively impact the doctor-patient relationship as well, making everyday life more difficult than it needs to be. Taking the time to advocate for self-care amongst your workforce ensures that you are protecting your and caregivers’ relationships and physical and emotional well-being. 

I also offer flexible scheduling within reasonable working hours so I can work with your organization on your own terms.

Learn More About What Healthcare Consulting Can Offer

I look forward to helping your team thrive in and out of the workplace.



  • I've had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Skoufalos for nearly a decade--she is not only an incredibly empathic and attuned psychologist, she's also one of the most kind and warm-hearted humans I've ever met. I say 'human' because that's what you can expect from Dr. Skoufalos in her clinical care--a human and humane approach to helping clients explore their deepest pains and greatest aspirations. To the clinical encounter, she brings a diverse background, a perceptive eye, mind-body awareness, and rigorous training in multiple therapeutic modalities-- all of which inform, but do not replace or obscure, her deep attentiveness to the unique person sitting in front of her. Her knowledge of many languages is perhaps the perfect metaphor for her psychotherapeutic practice--a practice that is able to speak the languages od mind, body, and soul
    — Miraj Desai, Ph.D.
  • I never hesitate to make a referral to Dr. Skoufalos. We have been colleagues for over 10 years and her compassion and intelligence set an example of the standard of care that all in the mental health profession should be aspiring to. I'm proud to be associated with Dr. Skoufalos and would refer my closest family and friends to her
    — Carrie Christensen, LCSW
  • Dr. Nicoletta Skoufalos is one of the best psychologists I've worked with. Her work is superb. Nicoletta is empathetic, knowledgeable, encouraging, and has an amazing way of making her clients feel safe, and taken care of. Her manner is both nurturing and firm -- both vital components for you as a patient to get the most out of therapy
    — Marjorie Nolan Cohn, MS, RDN
  • As a colleague of Dr. Skoufalos and clinical psychologist who has worked in several clinical settings, it is with confidence I an attest to Dr. Skoufalos skill as a therapist and ability to connect with others. She has a passion for helping people heal. Regardless of the challenges you face, she will support your path to managing your difficulties and moving toward a healthier self.
    — Isaiah Pickens, Ph.D.
  • I have known Dr. Skoufalos for nearly 11 years. In the course of that time, she has guided me through difficult moments. Dr. Skoufalos has an uncanny ability to ask the right question that always unveils the underlying issue that causes so much anxiety. Once the issue is revealed, she listens very carefully and then slowly, she brings focus to my feeling and asks me to lean into them and not ignore them. She treads carefully and with compassion never imposing judgment, but always giving true words of wisdom that help guide me through the moment to a place of acceptance and calmness reminding me that I am in control and that the only thing I have to do in breathe. Dr. Skoufalos is an amazing therapist that will help you feel calm and empowered. Highly recommended!
    — Sofia L.
  • Nicoletta is a fantastic colleague and psychotherapist. Working with her is always productive. I often refer patients to her because I know they will be in good hands
    — Molly Swersky, LCSW
  • Dr. Nicoletta Skoufalos is a highly skilled clinician, and I am proud to have her as a colleague in the field. She is genuinely invested in her clients, as she provides a warm, compassionate space that facilitates change. I often refer clients to her without hesitation, as I am confident they will be in good hands. Her natural empathic demeanor, strong clinical skills, and professionalism make her a wonderful psychologist
    — Cristina Dorazio, Ph.D.

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